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Cello Flight Case

You get a lot for your money with our Tuff-Lite Cello cases.  The case is specially designed to be used as a safe travel (under the plane) cello case which can be used either every day or just as your touring, flying trips.   With the super light weight cello cases available that averaging only around 5 lbs, it is common for players to use the light case for everyday light use and then use a heavier travel case for the important trips with a plane or tour. 

The Tuff-Lite Cello Case can be used as an everyday kind of cello case because of the easy design and super flat rolling skateboard wheels on the side bottom.  The weight averages between 19-21 lbs.  At first, that may seem like a lot, but these are purposely made to ship a cello safely under a plane and withstand the heavy treatment by the airlines and weights of other luggage that gets piled on.

These cases use the lighter, but strong prepregged glass/kevlar reinforced composite construction.  This gives an economical, light weight, yet super strong protection.

Included with our Cello Case we also offer a specially, super dense out cover to use with the case.  This cover is just extra and not really needed to protect the cello or case.  What it does do is add extra padding so that when the cellist does ship the case underneath the plane, it will protect against the typical kind of superficial marks or damages that might occur with normal use.  The cases look sparklingly white upon arrival and typically get scuffed and scraped during the course of a tour or flight.  The padded cover just protects against this and also adds a nice shock pad during the handling.  These covers are not sold separately are always included in the price of our cases.

Tuff-Lite Cello Case:

Tuff-Lite Padded Cover (Be sure to click on these small photos for larger detailed image.)


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