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'Pro' Upright Bass Flight Case

The Tuff-Lite Pro model was the first bass flight case that we started in around 2001.  It has proven to be a very reliable and durable case and was initially made with the old fashioned hand lay up fiberglass.  That year we also offered them in solid, carbon fiber. Today, we offer them in our special prepregged glass with the carbon kevlar reinforcements or the most recent newer, kevlar/carbon prepregged material.  Both of these are outstanding in that they wear very well and are both still very light in weight.

The Pro is for those that have a bigger bass, like a larger 3/4, 7/8 or even 4/4.  The Pro model is used by many professional orchestras as they fit just about any bass, from smaller 3/4 on up to even a full sized 4/4 bass.  Many of the world's leading orchestras use the Pro model bass case because of the one size fits all kind of fit and the versatility and ease of using them every single day.  We have found that many orchestras not only use these on their trans-ocean touring, but also on local run outs with the orchestra trucking them. The Pros are extremely easy to use and load.  They can be pushed (using the bigger wheels) in front of you or it can be pulled behind you like a wagon, using the smaller wheels.  

Additionally, the Pro cases can be loaded either standing vertical or horizontally.  With the nice aluminum bracing at the bottom, which locks the lid open, it often serves as a great backstage, orchestra bass locker which if needed, can be easily locked shot.

Tuff-Lite Pro: Any photo here can be clicked for a larger more detailed image

Tuff-Lite Pro Tuff-Lite Pro Tuff-Lite Pro Tuff-Lite Pro
Tuff-Lite Pro Tuff-Lite Pro

The Pro case comes in two weights and prices.  The Pro-CFK (for carbon fiber kevlar) avg. weight is around 48 lbs.  The Pro-PPG, uses pre-pregged glass, which is reinforced with the very same carbon fiber/kevlar.  The average weight of these, around 55 lbs.  Both cases are exactly the same in look and dimension with the small exception in that the Tuff-Lite logo on the CFK shows the see through black carbon material.  The only difference in case material or price, inevitably comes to the final weight.  Again, both types of material (the PPG and Carbon/Kevlar) wear the same and protect the same.

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