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'Traveler' Bass Flight Case

The new Tuff-Lite Traveler case is specially designed for the new removable neck basses that are being used around the world now. We saw an urgent need to design something easier to use that was currently available, light weight and durable.  The Traveler can be used or shipped in two different ways: Combined together and shipped as one complete unit, or separated in two parts.  There are a couple good reasons for having a case function such as this one. First, keeping then neck in a separate compartment is beneficial in that the neck cannot fall or collide into the body of the bass. Also, most importantly is the ability to reduce the individual weight portion of each compartment or case.

Each case (the neck case and the body case), is specially designed and equipped to be shipped separately on its own.  A super nice feature of our new Traveler case is the special front trapezoidal design:  While it is hard to exactly see in the photos, the front neck case, is shaped as a trapezoid in that it falls perfectly into the open neck compartment of the top of the body case and fits perfectly and tightly into place.  No need for any belts across the top to squeeze or keep it in place. On the Traveler, there is a little velcro strap around the handle, just for safe keeping.  Again, the neck case fits very snuggly into the body case. (Those engineers again!!)

Here we still like and prefer the idea of the bungee elastic latches.  They're light and easy to replace.  We use these on the body portion and a smaller elegant safety latch on the neck case.  While we have the case showing a bass without a cover, the case is designed to be used or shipped with a case or without.  The body of the bass will easily fit into the body case, with the cover on and the neck folded over on top on top front of the bass.  There is still plenty of room either way.

Bass Fit: While most detachable neck style basses are (in general) 3/4 sized, there are many players that have converted their bigger 3/4 and 7/8 size basses into a removable neck option (you're brave!) The Travel body will also accommodate your bigger sized bass body.  (See the bass case measurements and fit page).

Besides housing the neck, the neck case has cut foam to fit the bridge, endpin, and tailpiece with strings.

The overall weight of the empty case is 48 lbs combined: the body case is 39.5 and the neck case 8.5 lbs.

Tuff-Lite Traveler: Any photo here can be clicked for a larger more detailed image

Tuff-Lite Traveler Case:
Traveler, Removable Neck Bass Case Traveler, Removable Neck Bass Case Traveler, Removable Neck Bass Case Traveler, Removable Neck Bass Case Traveler, Removable Neck Bass Case
Traveler, Removable Neck Bass Case Traveler, Removable Neck Bass Case  

Click on the above photos for a larger photos and further detailed information about bass sizing and fit.


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