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'Pro' Upright Bass Flight Case

The Tuff-Lite Pro is a very versatile case in that it will fit just about any bass and it is not overly big. The interior case straps: One at the top scroll, one at the bottom of the neck, 2 across the upper bouts and 2 (across the lower portions of the belly) make just about any sized bass fit beautifully and secure.  The straps are just normal black webbing and have easy snap buckles in the front.  The case is equipped to ship a bass with our without a bass cover.  Most typically, people do fly with their cover inside and the straps go over and around the bass.  For the player that prefers not to take or use a cover, the straps will fit directly on the bass belly.  The large felt square pads then protect the bass from coming into contact with the plastic buckles.

Notice that we have the interior length as 76-78"?  That is because in the rare case that anyone has such a long bass,  (maybe larger 7/8 or 4/4 basses) the case can be extended about another 1 1/2" by cutting the top support cushioning.  The bass will still be well cushioned at the bottom, but this will give some need extra needed length at the very top, by lowering the bass inside the case.

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